2 amazing Things you definitely didn’t know about the tallest building in the world: Dubai Creek Tower

The Dubai Creek Tower, a work from Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, is now under construction in Dubai. The Tower will surpass former highest building Burj Khalifa. The Burj Khalifa is 828 meter high.

The vast development along the waterfront of the United Arab Emirates city, takes shape. The landmark observation tower is growing up from the sands on Dubai Creek Harbour to be the tallest building in the world.

The architect mr Calatrava didn’t speak about the official height of the observation tower yet. Fortunately his son mr. Micael Calatrava gave a hint. He stated that the Dubai Creek Tower will be “a notch taller” than the nearby Burj Khalifa.

Design of Dubai Creek Harbour Tower

The architect is stating that the profile of the new fantastic looking tower is inspired and influenced by the form of Lily Flower and also the minarets. Minarets are high rising towers and also are typical of the traditional Islamic architecture

The Dubai Creek Tower will have rotating balconies, observation decks and also elevated gardens. Trying to evoke the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Cables anker the Tower. This is similar to the architects Jerusalem Chords Bridge which is modeled on a harp. The cables connect to the waterfront of the creek of the Dubai Harbour.

The cables design are intended to look like the ribbing of lily’s leaves. The observation decks will be coming together to create a bud-like shape nearly at the top of the tower.

High tech

In the tower a bit of high tec is build in. A sustainable cooling system also collects water for cleaning the exterior.

The developers for the scheme, the tower and also the Dubai Creek, are  Dubai Holding and also Emaar Properties. Which is the same company behind the Burj Khalifa.

The developer is also building a pair of rocket shaped residential towers in the Dubai Creek Harbour scheme. They will be the tallest in the world according to the developer.

“With the tower, we are delivering a compelling destination that will add long-term economic value to Dubai and also the Emirates,” said Mohammad Ali Al Alabbar of Emaar Properties.

Btw: did you see this amazing Dubai Flow Motion made by Rob Whitworth about the Emirates itself and also other great things to see:

Dubai Flow Motion from Rob Whitworth on Vimeo.

Is the Dubai Creek Harbour Tower safe?

Following our blog about the Dubai Creek Harbour Tower we would like to talk about safety. The safety of the tallest building should be on of the best. We found out on other blogs and websites, readers are worried about airplanes in combination with the tower.

To high for approaching airplanes?

Some worry the Dubai Creek Harbour tower is too tall. They argue due to its height it could cause problems for approaching planes.

To answer this: first of all, the tower would get an approval from the official bodies involved in this decision. Secondly, the runways of the Dubai International airport are orientated in West-North-West or East-South-East. This is because of the two common types of wind in Dubai. Mostly in the daytime, the wind is blowing from the desert toward the sea. In the night it is the opposite way. Therefore it is not possible to approach the airport direct from the south. This makes Dubai Creek tower well save and out of the way of approaching aircrafts.

safety of the tallest building on the map

Will the tower have a rotating platform?

Rumor has it that the Dubai Creek Harbour Tower (the spire) will have a kind of rotating platform to enjoy the cityscape 360 degree of some sort. Unfortunately till now the technique behind the observation deck is not revealed and how this platform will look like.

The Dubai Creek development: Home of the Dubai Creek Tower

Dubai is well known for its superlatives and new world records are on the every day’s agenda. Records like: The tallest building, the largest mall and also the highest standards in luxury, Dubai has it all. Now, Dubai is going beyond all these and it will become the model for all future global cities.
Rivers and oceans always have had a major influence in the development on many cities around the world. Normally you see waterfront developments commanding the very premium on value. Dubai is now be home of an development “Dubai Creek harbour”. It will expand the city’s center and it hopefully enable growth and also coming back to Dubai’s roots.

The Development Dubai Creek Harbour project sits next to the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is home for around 450 animal species and sizes whithin 620 hectares. Now the Sanctuary is about 25 years old.
As the Dubai Creek Harbour develops, the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary will not be touched. In the development is a new visitor center planned. It will bring the message of sustainable biodiversity to new generations.

The developer “Emaar” puts the Dubai Creek Harbour forward as both financially viable and also as a part of an ecologically responsible city. Having future generations in mind, the buildings use every available innovation to minimize the environmental footprint. With world class design, the development offers spectacular spectacular views of the Dubai skyline and also the Dubai Creek.

Dubai Creek Harbour is planned on an open site. The developer combines the city with the natural lines and contours of the creek. The master plan of the Creek will support the Downtown of Dubai in commercial and also cultural ways.


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2 amazing Things you definitely didn't know about the tallest building in the world: Dubai Creek Tower
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2 amazing Things you definitely didn't know about the tallest building in the world: Dubai Creek Tower
This is what two amazing things did to the deign of Dubai Creek Tower. It has to do something about the design and the height: