Portable Ecocapsule – for the love of the great outdoors

Portable capsule – Love the great outdoors, but not quite ready to go Into The Wild-style and also give up hot water and also electricity just yet? Slovakian architects have just revealed a super-compact capsule that promises to deliver a nomadic lifestyle, with all the renewable-powered comforts of home. And we really want one.

The whole thing is pretty cramped. The capsule is measuring just 2.55 m x 4.45 m x 2.25 m. It’s designed to be entirely self-sufficient for two adults. It is kitted out with a retractable 750 W wind turbine and 2.6 square metres of solar panels.

With the roof – egg-shaped abode, which has been named the Ecocapsule, also has a 9,744 Watt hours battery. It stores all that power for a rainy (or cloudy) day. The pod is specially shaped to help collect rainwater and also dew and funnel it down into a tank below the pod’s floor, filtering it with a clever surface membrane along the way to remove any bacteria.

The inside of the Portable Ecocapsule

Inside, there’s a toilet and shower, mini-kitchen, bed, table and also storage. The walls are super-insulated to help keep the pod at a comfortable temperature and also the home is even capable of charging up your electric car while you tow it.

The design will be on display next week at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna, and also will reportedly be available to the public later this year. Unfortunately we don’t know how much it would cost at the moment.

Obviously we’d love to see some more research and also data. It would be interessting on how the Ecocapsule fares in a range of different environments. It’s a pretty promising design that will hopefully get people thinking about the future of sustainable living. I, for example, wouldn’t mind living in a world.  Where we all carry our homes around with us like some giant hermit crabs. Just imagine the places we’ll go…

Text by F. MacDonald

Portable Ecocapsule
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Portable Ecocapsule
Portable Ecocapsule - Love the great outdoors, but not quite ready to go Into The Wild-style and give up hot water and electricity just yet?