High rising Plans for London’s Greenwich

High rising Plans for London’s Greenwich – The Office of the well known Alison Brooks Architects has revealed design for their high rising Project in London’s Barrow Greenwich.  Their first project in London is receiving planning permission.

Mixed use

The mixed use scheme buildings will have space in their cluster of residential towers with co-working and leisure at the ground floors. The buildings will contribute community value to the needed regeneration of London’s Greenwich Peninsula.

High rising Plans for London’s Greenwich is located on the eastern edge of the site’s Central Park. The complex will have 400 residential units within the four towers. The architects plan that each building will have 360 degree views and also roof gardens and co-working spaces. A large and generous garden will sit within the block for the community.

Greenwich Peninsula

The London developer Knight Dragon announced their latest project lately. The developer are spearheading one of London’s largest single project for regeneration on the Greenwich Peninsula. It is expected that this new district will create up to 15,720 homes and 12,000 jobs. The new district will consist seven neighborhoods and is master planned by Allies and Morrison. On the plots many projects have already been completed. This includes The Greenwich Gateway Pavilion by Mark Barfield Architects. The Greenwich Peninsula Low Carbon Energy Centre (C.F. Moller Architects) is also completed.

The office of Alison Brooks commented, “We’re delighted to be working with Knight Dragon and that our designs received unanimous consent from the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Our intention was to create a robust, adaptable urban block with generous  proportions that reinforces the Peninsula’s cosmopolitan identity.”