Jan Rösler, the architect and CEO of the one of the newest architecture firms in the heart of Berlin is known for ambitious and exacting design work of the highest quality.

It’s important to him that his employees possess practical building experience. In particular, an understanding and appreciation for details as well as aesthetics are important values at the innovative architecture firm.

Engaged and Customer-Focused

Anyone who employs the services of JAN RÖSLER ARCHITECTS can rest assured that all activities, from the first blueprint to the final groundbreaking of a project, will be carefully managed and skillfully carried out. The overall quality must be ensured and, in order to achieve this goal, everything from the initial planning to the final realization must be carefully orchestrated.

As Jan Rösler says: “Our projects are based on customer needs from the thorough planning to the exacting workmanship. Over the years we’ve built a team that is focused on exceeding expectations when it comes to delivering quality architecture.” This approach of providing all-encompassing service is especially appreciated by customers.

Added Value and Sustainability

For Jan Rösler it’s important to deliver added value. He emphasizes: “Where other firms call it quits, we go the extra mile. When it’s necessary, we work with the builder until we’ve found a suitable product or material. Confidence in the implementation is very important. Therefore a big emphasis is placed on the collaborative development of a project from the very start. Not only smaller projects like e.g., single-family homes, but also larger projects can be successfully completed with this philosophy in mind.” The Berlin architect also pays close attention to the surrounding environment. Therefore from very early in the planning phase, the firm focuses on using sustainable resources and locally-produced building materials.

Cost-effective and Reliable

In recent years, the firm has received abundant recognition and awards from the media, including from many trade publications, magazines, and books, for the various projects it’s completed.

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