5th highest building: Seoul’s Lotte World Tower – with opening video

The new built Lotte World Premium Tower (in Korean language, Hangeul: 롯데월드 타워) is also known simply as the Lotte World Tower. It is open now finally for a few days. The great opening was celebrated with huge and also colorful fireworks. You can view the video of the fireworks in the following video down below.
The Structure is set in Seouls district of Jamsil-dong and also is part of the Lotte-World-Complex. It is located on the banks of River Han in Seoul.

How high is the Lotte World Tower?

The Lotte World Tower is one of the highest buildings in the world. With the height of 555 meter it is the 5th highest and also becoming a new icon for South Korean architecture. With this the brand new Lotte World Tower (or also called Lotte world premium tower) is obviously the highest tower in Seoul. On an area of 304.000 Squaremeter on 123 floors, you find Apartments, a seven star Hotel and also Offices. On the six top floors it contain an Oberservation Deck. The top Floor of the Seoul tower lays at 497 Meter height.It also boasts the world’s highest glass-bottomed observation deck and also the world’s fastest elevator – taking visitors to the top in just one minute. The Deck is open for the Public. Rumor has it you can see North Korea from the top. We call that a really high tower!
Other facilities include a giant concert hall which seats 2,000 people, an aquarium, a lotte cinema and also a food hall.

Lotte World Tower

Cost and Architect

The Buildings surface is made of glass. It clad the steel structure. The Architecture Office of Kohn Pedersen Fox planned and also designed the £2.8billion Lotte World Tower. The Creative Office is responsible for a number of Skyscrapers in Asia and also north America.
Who is the architect Kohn Pedersen Fox?
Kohn Pedersen Fox or in short KPF is referring them self as unified architectural practice. The office of KPF is focusing on design of of all sorts of buildings of all types and scales. KPF is not focusing in one particular region. Instead they offer their service in all geographic regions
Diverse Projects are on the list of this architecture office: the List includes the worlds tallest towers and also to longest spans. The office is motivated to find the smartest solution for each project. KPF is taking the design serious and open minded to make a contribution and actively building the surrounding environment.

The Architects company Kohn Pedersen Fox employs 600 staff who are led by 25 principals. Kohn Pedersen Fox has offices in a couple of cities around the world: New York, London, Shanghai, Hong Kong also Seoul and Abu Dhabi. With New York as the center of the design department all subsidiary are working very closely together.

The planning for the skyscraper started back in the year 2005 with works starting in 2012. The skyscaper should not mixed up with the 510 meter high also called Lotte Tower but its located in Busan.

Critics and lotte world tower problems

Critics asking if the Lotte World Tower in Seoul is really in structural danger? And are there problems with the lotte world tower? It is said that the structure failed to pass one test regarding the structure. This should be seen in the context of other buildings collapsing in South Korea. The Lotte World tower is built in times where many fear that Korea and especially Seoul is not longer an earthquake “safe zone”. This was followed after a 5.8 magnitude earth quake. The earth quake is the most powerful since the records began in the year 1978. Till now one South Korea is considering as a “safe haven” because of its distance of the places where earthquakes are going off. But now with 5.8 magnitude registered in South Korea it raised concerns about future seismic activity.

During the past few years concerns have grown among the korean and international public over the building’s safety problems. The Lotte conglomerate therefore has continued to emphasize safety in terms of emergency measures and also construction technologies. But the company’s series of efforts seemed inadequate in addressing the concerns of those who still doubt the tower’s safety. Other Problems were reported at the Aquarium and the multiplex cinema. They are repaired, but still, this issues and problems are raising the question mark flag on the Lotte world Tower.

Lotte World Tower

Copyright by Lotte and also the Architecture Office of Kohn Pedersen Fox.

The Owner of the Lotte World Tower

The owner of the Lotte World Tower is the multinational conglomerate Lotte Co. Ltd (in Korean 롯데. The headquarter of the Company is in South Korea and also in Japan. Takeo Shigemitsu set the company up back in June 19848 in the city of Tokyo. Earned money in Japan Shigemitsu expanded his business to his home country. The Lotte Confectionery first saw light in April the third 1967. By the time Lotte eventually grew and become South Korea’s Number eight of the largest business conglomerate.

Over 60.000 Employees

The Lotte Group is overlooking over 60 different business units with about 60,000 people employed. Lotte is involved in such diverse industries like candy manufacturing, beverages and also hotels. But also fast food, retail, financial services, heavy chemicals, electronics, IT, construction, publishing, and also in the entertainment business. The major operations of the Lotte group are overseen by the Shigemitsu’s family in Japan and also South Korea with a lot more additional businesses in an number of other coutries: China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, USA, UK, Russia, Philippines, Pakistan and also the country Poland.
By far, Lotte is the largest confectionery manufacturer in South Korea today. In the country of Japan it is at the number three behind Meiji Seika and also Ezaki Glico. This is in terms of terms of sales revenue when only the sales of Lotte’s confectioneries are counted.

The Name Lotte in Lotte world tower and in the company

It is said that the source of the company’s name is not Korean also not Japanese. Surprisingly it is rooted in the German language. The Founder, Mr Shigemitsu read in youth the Book “The Sorrows of Young Werther (1774), written by Johan Wolfgang von Goethe. He was impressed by the character Charlotte and subsequently he named his company after her. “charlotte” is also the name the company is using for its chain of cinemas in the high end market.

The Girl Charlotte S., she is called also Lotte, is forced to act as a mother. This is after the untimely death of her mother. Lotte now is mother to her eight younger sisters and brothers. This “burden” she is accepting cheerfully and selflessly. The writer of Sorrows of Young Werther (1774), Mr Johan Wolfgang von Goethe said: “Lotte was undemanding in two ways: first, according to her nature, which was intent on creating general good will rather than on attracting any specific attention, and second, she had already chosen someone who was worthy of her, who had declared himself willing of joining his fate to hers for life.”

Seoul: the home of the Lotte World Tower

Seoul, which is also formerly known under the name Hanseong, Keijo, and also Gyeongseong and others, is the capital and also the largest mega city of the Republic of Korea. People know The Republic is commonly as South Korea. The Home of the Lotte World Tower is forming the very heart of the Seoul Capital Area. It includes the surrounding provinces Incheon metropolis and also Gyeonggi. In all Seoul is the number 16th largest city in the world. In the area of the capital of Seoul are living half of the country’s population of 50.22 million people. This includes about 680.000 international residents from all over the world.

Seoul - home of the Lotte World Tower

Today, the city of Seoul is considered a really leading and also rising city in a global rank. Resulting from the economic boom which is called: The miracle on the Han River. It transformed the city to the world’s number 4 in the list of the largest metropolitan economy. Seoul contributes US$845.9 bilion to the country’s GDP in the year 2014. Seoul follows Tokyo, New York and also Los Angeles. In the Year of 2015 the city was rated to Asia’s most liveable city also ranking at the second global rank by Arcadis in quilty of life.
Gangnam (a very popular district – well known from the song Gangnam Style by the singer PSY) is a wolrd leading technology hub. This is followed by the Digital Media City. The City of Seoul is home for 15 Fortune Global 500 companies such as Samsung (well known for in the mobile phones). Samsung is one of the world’s largest technology companies. Also counting to Seouls other big companies are LG and Hyundai-Kia. In 2014, the city’s GDP per capita of $39,786 was comparable to that of France and also Finland. The City of Seoul is ranking at number six in the Global Power City index and also the Global Financial Centres Index. Seoul exerts a major influence in global affairs as one of the leading five hosts of global conferences.

The Place were the 555 Meter high Lotte World Tower is now standing is called Jamsil-dong (in Korean: 잠실동). It is a part of the Seoul Destrict of Songa. Jamsil-dong, the home of the Lotte Tower is also home of the theme park called Lotte World. Also the place hosted the Olympic games 1988. All the old Olympic sport buildings, complexes and also facilities can be found there.

Lotte World

Lotte World
Photo by Seongbin Im

Next to the Lotte World Tower lays the Lotte World: The Lotte World is a major recreation complex. The Park is home of the world’s largest indoor theme park earning it an entry in the Book of Guinness World Records. Lotte World is also home for an outdoor theme park called “Magic Island”. The Magic Island is an artificial island inside a lake which linked by the monorail. IT also houses shopping mall, a luxury hotel and also a korean folk museum. In addition to that you find sport facilities and also a movie theater. The Lotte world opend in July 12th in the year 1989. It opens the doors for about 7.3 million visitors each year.


lotte world tower observation deck opening

The observation deck at the lotte world tower is called Lotte Sky and is located at the 123 rd floor. Visitors travel with Korea’s only double deck elevator with a speed of 10 meter per second.

check this link for opening times and tickets for Lotte sky (the Lotte world tower observation deck)


5th highest building - Lotte World Tower - with opening video
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5th highest building - Lotte World Tower - with opening video
The new Lotte World Premium Tower is also known simply as the Lotte World Tower. It is now the 5th highest building in the world

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