outre house – a very special house for New Delhi

outre house – the architects of the anagram office completed a residential building in the busying city of new delhi. The structure is build just by a small number of materials. Interesstingly it also offers the residents an integrated greenery.

The six storey india house`s architect explains: ‘from bespoke concrete formwork and in addition poured flooring to curved joinery and rhythmically notched masonry, the design releases its handmade construction from the constraints of the straight line‘.

Responding to the straight forward city grid, the office of anagram arichitects got their creative pencils out. They designed a curvileniar building. It is creating a fluid spatial configuration and also internal that transition smoothly.

“the city grid and its volumetric controls, most simplistically, resolves into rectilinearity,’ continues the design team. ‘this boxform resolution of the program unavoidably results in spatial compartmentalization, on top of which real estate imperatives encourage apartment stacks of cookiecutter floor plates.’

The outre house is impacting green

Designed to co excist with the natural surrounding the plot. The building is using the vegetaition to connect between the structure itself and also the sourounding. The architects moved away from industrial architectural design. They installed a facade which is comprises a Louvers made from wood and vertiacally planters. In the rooftop garden you will find small trees and also other plants. The architects are aiming to offer the residents an elevated and also in addition quite retreat from the urban surrounding.

New Delhi (Hindi नई दिल्ली Naī Dillī; Urdu نئی دلی; Panjabi ਨਵੀਂ ਦਿੱਲੀ) is the capital of india. The city is also housing the goverment, the Parlament and the high courts. New Delhi is part of the indian metropol Delhi (with 25,735 million Inhabitants) and the third biggest metropol region in the world. The city was founded in the british colonial time on the 15th december 1911 in the south of the old town of delhi. It was planned to ousted the city of Kalkutta and also take over the reign of india.

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